Monday, January 9, 2012


Okay so I am officially the worlds worst blogger! I told a few friends at lunch recently that one of my goals this year was to blog more often!! The problem for me is...yes of course I have a few excuses...Time!!! and how to share it! Between creating ART, taking care of my one-year old, 3 other kids who thank goodness are not quite as needy, and the other everyday things we all HAVE to do!! Usually my choice has something to do with art! I also wonder what in the world I could possibly have to say that anyone really wants to read about?? And Should I just get on facebook instead? Oh My Gosh how do you all have time for both?? Anyway... Here's to a new year, Being a better friend to those who are a friend to me(selfish I know), eating less sugar(which will require less baking or my husband may kill me), Pilates, getting more done each day, and more antique trips with my FUN sweet friends!! Now I will be cleaning up a dumped out box of anagrams, bingo markers and a bucket of paints! There is a path of destruction wherever she goes...BUT I blogged!!

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