Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gymboree Fun!!

Wednesdays are Libby's day! We've been going to Gymboree Play and Music since she was 6 weeks old. Obviously it was more for me when she was a newborn...I had to find a way to meet other new Moms since I was starting over again! It was one of my best choices ever! I have made some really amazing people and have made a few really great friends!! Needless to say, so has Libby:) She has so much fun exploring since she started walking a few months ago...and because of that we miss most of the directed play~ who has time to sit and sing when you can climb and slide? She loves it! We both look forward to it and Daddy comes to play once in a while too!! Here is a photo of her and her BFF Layla~ or as Libby says "yah yah!!"

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