Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Class coming soon!

I know...2 days in a row is a little extreme!! But how does that saying go? 22 days to create a habit? I'm going to put that to the test! I have so many fun things running through my mind but instead of focusing on one thing I try and work on too many things therefore I don't accomplish much or at least thats how it seems! Yes! I am working on a new class...I have been asked numerous times! And Yes! It's over the top so it's taking forever(everything got put on hold for Libby's 1st birthday party and the holidays) but you won't be disappointed! It is on the feminine side though? Perhaps I will put up a few sneak peeks soon! I found a house shaped "printers drawer" months ago at a thrift store and I have been turning it into a birdhouse!! It's close to being done and when it is I will show you! I have also been asked to post a few new photos so until tomorrow....I still can't believe my baby is 1! Haleigh is 19, Hannah is 16, and my little man(Jack) is 11!!

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